Welcome to University College Isle of Man (UCM).
Here you will be able to browse the courses we offer by either clicking the Search button to view all available courses, find specific courses by entering information into the search fields before clicking the search button or by clicking on the tiles below to filter courses by category. You will also be able to book your course(s) and pay online. Once you have found a course you like, please click the course title for more information. Please note you must only enrol for yourself onto these courses, please do not enrol on any courses for others to attend. Please also note if you are under 16 years old and would like to enrol on to one of the Adult Learning courses, you will need a parent/guardian to accompany you, please phone 648204 for more details.
If you have any health issues that may affect your attendance on any of our courses, please contact the Adult Education Secretary on 648204 or by e-mail at ACE@ucm.ac.im
If you have any questions regarding English, Maths or ESOL assessments please contact us via e-mail at asc@ucm.ac.im
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